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Season 1, Episode 9 – Setting Boundaries and Saying No

One extremely effective tool to use in conflict management is learning to set boundaries and to practice (and get good at!) saying no. This may sound simple, but for many people, this is hard in practice. Jamie has created a six step methodology to help you set boundaries and say no. In this episode, Jamie walks through each step to give you the tools you need to start learning how to set boundaries and say no.

  • Step One:  Say No to everything.  Mentally. Give yourself the chance the really evaluate the issue/opportunity.
  • Step Two:  Evaluate the issue.
  • Step Three: Listen to Your Gut
  • Step Four:  Do the Work and figure out why saying no is so hard for you.
  • Step five:  Say No with force and grace (and without apology).
  • Step 6:  Practice!

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