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What's Really Stopping You?

Every single one of us, myself included, have had those moments where, in spite of giving it our absolute all, we could not move our business forward. We couldn’t convert more sales. We simply couldn’t see the giant rainbow-painted elephant in the room that was stopping our business from achieving everything we knew it was capable of.

And in those moments we feel stuck and frustrated, and we doubt whether we are capable of making our business dreams a reality. As we sit and ponder on what, how, and if we should do something next, we secretly hope for a business fairy godmother who could magically appear, see everything that needs to occur, and then “poof” make it happen.

Stop The Struggle.
Gain Clarity.

Yes, we all have those moments that make it crystal clear that we can’t move our businesses where we want it to go, on our own. And trust me, I know first hand the mind games that we all play when your business is stuck in first gear.

“For a long time, I felt stuck in my business. I knew I want to grow and expand on a large level and into different industries, but what made the most sense, how to approach such an endeavor, and what did this mean from a business standpoint held me back from taking action. But then I met Jamie Lieberman. Because Jamie sees all sides of business tractions, plus has an uncanny ability to solve business puzzles together we have been able to take my two-decade-old, one industry company and expand into thriving, successful multimedia, multi-industry brands in under 5 years.”

How To See The Forest For The Trees (When You Don’t Even Know You Are In A Forest)

Many times in business our lack of growth or success is simply because we fail to acknowledge key elements that we simply don’t see. Our lack of growth isn’t because we don’t have the heart, passion, or persistence – it is simply that we fail to understand the depth of what is truly occurring. Simply put, our lack of knowledge or professional experience is hindering us from seeing the reality in front of us.

Yep, I Get It.

I know this because I have seen this for the past 15 years with my private clients. I see patterns emerge when business owners are stuck. I see the areas that need attention and those that my clients are focusing on too much. I see it because of my unique professional perspective. I have partnered with and supported thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes; as well as built my own companies. I have successfully built one of the first virtual law firms specializing in the creative digital marketplace, all when I was told it could not be done.


I can instantly see the missing connections within your business that are stopping your cash flow and creating the business confusion you are now suffering from.

Stop The Madness and Start Moving Your Business.

Finding clarity and solving the big goose egg of a question, “Why won’t my business do “X”?” is a secret talent of mine. Yes, I have the education and real-world skill, but to be honest, I am also an excellent puzzle solver. I see the missing pieces, know how to move elements around to maximize your objectives, while doing it in the most efficient way possible. Yes, on many levels I am the business MacGyver.

I have helped businesses starting from square one by creating business plans and I have worked with clients to scale when their growth is off the charts. I have created project plans helping clients manage product launches and I have had the hard conversations where employees or partners needed to part ways.

3 Truths About Jamie

  1. I have never met a taco that I didn’t love.
  2. My favorite comic is Calvin and Hobbes.
  3. I have an epic collection of notebooks and pens and not enough room for all of them!

Wondering What To Expect?

Everyone’s business and problems are so different. This is why your time with Jamie is customized to your specific needs and struggles. Previous clients have walked away from their one-on-one time with Jamie knowing:

  • Their offer flow makes sense both in business and financially, now as well as in the future.
  • Scaling is possible by knowing who and when to bring on key team members..
  • How to build and scale their multi-platform empire without burning themselves, or their revenue streams, out during the various phases of growth.

Best of all, working with one of today’s top entrepreneurial business minds doesn’t have to break the bank. Half-day virtual sessions begin at $1500.

Stop Guessing.
Start Getting Your Goals Done.

Are you ready to stop guessing and start seeing success on your terms? Then you need to consult with the woman who sees business from all angles. Complete the questionnaire below and one of the Hashtag Legal team members will be in touch with you soon.