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Many business owners struggle to find an attorney that understands their business.  As an entrepreneur, you are likely blazing a trail in a new industry or creating a product the world hasn’t seen.  There is nothing more frustrating; than seeking legal help and having to explain your business to the attorney you are looking to hire.  Here at Hashtag Legal, we are different.  We understand your trailblazing business – because we work with innovators on a daily basis.  Not only do we understand you, but we provide legal services that take the fear out of working with a lawyer.

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As your “go-to” legal firm, Hashtag Legal has your business’ legal back while you work on creating the brilliance that is your unique, industry-changing vision. No matter if you are a content creator just starting out or with hundreds of thousands of followers, running a tech company, just starting your own design firm or online e-business, or are in charge of an international media agency – Hashtag Legal can make legal likable and a lot more relatable.

Rest assured that no matter what method you choose to engage with us, you will always understand in layman’s terms what’s happening, and will be well informed about the next steps, while being empowered to embrace what having a strong legal side to your business means to your financial success.

Let's Rise.

Many times it is the “little” legal issues that stop our businesses from making it to the next level. From trademark registration to contract drafting to privacy law compliance (and lots of other services in between), we help you accomplish these necessary legal tasks by guiding you through the process. We will do the work, which you simply review and approve. That’s it.

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