“While working with Hashtag Legal I enjoyed their great attitude, super fast turnaround and response time, professionalism, and knowledge. I was surprised by the practical no-nonsense approach, fresh perspectives, and personal treatment. “


“I appreciate that the firm is always prompt and available to answer my questions. Going through the process of forming my businesses took a bit of time, and I was always getting updates on what was going on which eased my mind. It was easy to set up appointments and get the help I needed from Jamie. I had worked with other law firms in the past where I had to wait days or weeks to hear back from my attorney, which can be really stressful if you’re dealing with a deadline or something important. I think Jamie has helped me significantly with hiring strategy. As a new business owner, it has been a learning experience to bring on staff, but Jamie has helped me significantly in directing the process and making sure all my legal needs were met.”

Beth Terranova, Physical Therapist, Founder of Strength and Spine

“I love how thorough and easy to understand the firm is. Jamie and her team are always extremely responsive and communicative before engaging us in a project. It was really important to us that we had an attorney that truly advises before engaging to make sure we’re all on the same page as to the desired outcome. Jamie really understood our business model and what WE needed instead of providing a template or blanketed approach to their consultation or services.”

Jessica Korthuis, Co-founder & CEO of Her Brand Co.

“Hashtag Legal is always able to advise on every single question I ask and provide recommendations to suit my business’ needs. I was surprised by their responsiveness and how detail-oriented they are.”

Jiten Dadlani, President of Get Jitty

“Jamie and her team are very responsible and trustworthy! The breadth of Jamie’s knowledge and expertise surprised me! We started working together on trademark matters and I was pleasantly surprised to learn just how many legal topics she can advise me on! “

Elle Wang, Founder and CEO of Emilia George

“I love how Jamie simplifies everything to make it easy to understand. Even the most complex legal situations are broken down simply so as a non-lawyer I feel like I have a solid grasp on the issues and how to move forward.”

Irina Kapetanakis, Owner of Rumble Hoboken

“Jamie is REAL, honest, authentic and a breath of fresh air when it comes to scary/serious issues. Jamie is strategic in steps to execute/communicate. She is mindful of personal relationships as it pertains to uncomfortable business decision making.”

Marnie Nathanson, Founder / CEO of The Social Status Co.

“The fact that Jamie has worked with so many people in my field across the country has been immensely helpful in evaluating my fee structure for my services. Her feedback and suggestions were clear and we packed a ton of information into a 90 minute conversation. As a small business owner in an industry that has very few standard practices and tools, it can be difficult to know if my fees, my contracts and how I approach my work is average, above average or lacking. I feel like Jamie’s hourly fees are more than worth the amount of information and actionable advice received in a single conversation.

Our conversations were always efficient. Jamie gets right to the point! I’m a quick talker and thinker and find I have to be careful not to move too fast for many people.

I decided to be completely coachable and take Jamie’s advice, even if it was an extreme change (obviously I’m looking for advice since my ideas aren’t working as well as I would like!). I significantly raised my fees immediately after our first consulting meeting and had a signed contract by the next day. That client didn’t even hesitate, which was a huge eye-opener for me!”

Melissa Nunes, Founder & Sr. Designer of MKB Design and Management

“Hashtag is simply the best! From the simple and easy to understand fee structure, to how fast they communicate, to getting exactly what I need without needing to go through a long, involved process, they’ve been a total dream. We simply send them an email or voice memo describing what our goal is and we get all everything we need back within a week (often days). They’ve been amazing to work with, our company has its legal protections in place, and the process has taken what was a huge headache and turned it into a totally enjoyable experience. We love Hashtag!”

I love how fast the turnaround is, but even better, I LOVE how painless it is to get everything I need, legally in place. I just let the team know what we’re hoping to achieve and boom, I get everything I need within a week and often days!”

Tara Zirker, Founder of Successful Ads Club

“I love how Jamie is always friendly and approachable, answering any and all questions in a way that helps me understand. I was surprised at how quickly I would hear back with responses to questions and the quick turnaround times.”

Kathie Baptista, Founder, Brand Designer of Kathie Baptista Creative Studio

“So easy, great communication, superb knowledge and all in all … they put me at ease! I was surprised because I have been searching for months for multiple people to do all of my various legal projects and I came to find out, Hashtag Legal could handle them all! They helped me look at how I was positioning my service packages from a legal perspective, which ultimately encouraged me to rewrite my descriptions, providing a clearer message for my clients.”

Tanna Edler, Founder/Owner of TANNA BY DESIGN

“I absolutely LOVE working with Hashtag Legal! They are incredibly quick, thoughtful and thorough. It is such peace of mind knowing I have a team I can trust with all my legal needs! They really go above and beyond! The speed at how fast the Hashtag Legal team gets things done surprised me the most! They make the legal review process so fast and simple!”

Kat Norton, CEO of Miss Excel

“Hashtag Legal is very straightforward and gives us the best legal advice/ action! They are responsive and of course I wanted to chat with Jamie fast after every response from our client and she made time to speak every-time within the day for us. Super appreciative of that!”

Christina Heinritz, Thermaland Oaks Director

“Hashtag Legal takes the stress and overwhelm off of your plate. We are a busy team and taking the time to have to deal with a specific issue would have been overwhelming. It was great to pass the project over to Jamie and know that it would be handled.”

Jacqueline Snyder, CEO of The Product Boss

“Jamie and her team focus on the details, and alway think ahead. Their fast pace makes the process very enjoyable. Their attention and commitment to our company makes us feel like they are part of our team, and everything they did was in our best interest. They helped us with a sticky situation with one of our clients. Jamie was very upfront and real with what we should do. She clarified the situation and helped us go through without damaging our company and our interests.”

Rome Lima-Stanley, CEO and Creative Director of Interiors

“There is an ease of having open discussions with Jamie. I’ve personally love how informed I feel after connecting with her and how great she is at explaining legal terms to me without making me feel completely moronic. Jamie is relatable and feels more like a professional consultant, rather than “just” our lawyer.”

Catherine Willhoit, co-founder of The Hive Market

“Jamie and her team take care of everything for us. We just tell them what we want and they make it happen. Whenever we roll out a new product or offering, Jamie and her team are always there to make sure we’re fully covered on the legal side of things.”

Cody Berman, Co-Founder of Gold City Ventures

“Lightning fast communication, clear fee structure, and everything was handled so efficiently. It’s just shockingly easy to get things done. Jamie and the team have quick, useful answers to everything—including the things I’ve been putting off for months.”

Nicole Heymer, Owner & Creative Director of Glory & Brand

“Hashtag Legal replies quickly and consistently follows through!!! They are professional and have swift client service. When revising my contract, I was provided with industry insight to better streamline my document.”

Elaine Santos, Principal

“Hashtag legal helps us in all legal activities related to a business like filing a LLC, hiring a freelancer, creating privacy policies in compliance with the local and international laws. They are quick and detailed with responses.”

Swarna Ananthan, Founder and CEO of MagicPolygon, LLC

“Jamie is always ready to answer any of my questions – big and small. She is wise and full of knowledge that truly takes care of my business. She explains things in a manner that I can understand and relate to easily. I was surprised at how attentive her team is! Her systems and processes are polished which makes us feel taken care of. Furthermore, Jamie was really by my side when I chose to fire a client and deal with the challenging communication that followed. I felt like someone had my back and guided me through a very stressful situation. When transitioning my business from sole proprietor to an LLC having Jamie’s team take care of everything single detail was essential. Jamie has also helped me bring on 5 employees with ease. Lastly, she has assisted with putting together a rock solid contract for my services. “

Gina Gutierrez, Principal Designer and Owner of Gina Rachelle Design

“The industry-specific experience was really helpful. I’m in sort of a niche business, so it’s nice to work with a law firm that understands the ins and outs of a digital-first model. The team is casual and approachable. Most law firms and attorneys are so serious and formal! Hashtag Legal has helped me with a few things, including contractor agreements, website terms of service and advice about ADA compliance. They also helped me handle IP issues, including how to handle copyright infringement.”

Brock McGoff, Founder of The Modest Man

“Jamie and her team have been integral in helping me safely grow my business and be legally protected. They provide personalization, support and guidance and affability.”

Cynthia Thurlow

“Jamie and team are professional and provide confidence that together we can tackle any legal challenge. I was initially surprised by how much personal service we received and now I just have come to expect and rely on it. I appreciated that Jamie has real experience working on my issues.”

Philip Taylor, Founder of Part-Time Money

“As a small business owner a lot of legal jargon and processes are new and daunting. Jamie is always ever so kind and patient to walk through the process with us which makes all the difference. Communication is always clear which is always a plus! Having worked with other legal firms before I can say the ease of communication and quick response was a breath of fresh air.”

Aradhana Bejarano