the (un)business


the (un)business


Contracts 101! Contracts probably feel boring and are something you may avoid dealing with in your business. This course is going to help you understand when you may need a contract, what type of contract you can use, the common clauses that are found in many contracts and what they mean. Once you have a better understanding of these clauses, you will be empowered and more confident in reading and negotiating contracts.

Copyright is overwhelming. We are going to take a deep look at Copyright in this course. We’ll cover all of our favorite tips for registration, and what your rights are when you choose to Copyright.

This is one of the toughest subjects we are tackling! But even though it is tough, it is really important, especially if you run a website that collects data or you are creating content. Privacy law is complex and there are many laws that are important to understand. And although you are not legally required to create terms and conditions for your website, it is a best practice and is a great way to shield yourself from liability.

Ready to start your business and not sure what type of company to form?   Not even sure if you are ready to form a company or what that even means?  Are you wondering what the different types of business structures are, when to form a business, how to form a business and what you need to think about after you form your business.

Trademarks 101! Here we explain what a trademark is, when you should think about registering a trademark, how to perform preliminary research to determine if your trademark is clear for us and registration, and the rights you obtain when you register a trademark. We also touch on what trademark infringement is and what to do if it happens to you.

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